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KTM/HUSKY/GASGAS - Swingarm Protection Graphics

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Our swingarm guards take all the big impacts from rocks and other features, but that's not your swingarms only concern! Once dirt or debris get behind your swingarm guard it is easy for them to rub into the metal and leave undesirable stains/scuffs and discoloration. To solve this problem we have designed custom clear graphics that adhere directly onto the swingarm and prevent any scuffs or discoloration from forming in the metal. These paired with our swingarm guards are truly the best protection system to maintain your swingarms look, structural integrity, and your bike's re-sale value.

  • Fits 2023 KTM XC, 2024 KTM/Husqvarna/GasGas all models
  • Larger coverage than traditional swingarm graphics
  • Protects against scuffs and discolorations from rubbing dirt/debris
  • Easy install/removal

Customer Reviews

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RC Hawaii
Swingarm decals

Used a hairdryer to get these around some of tricky parts. Excellent product to keep the swingarm from discoloring.